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Design and layout the Aampe “It’s About D@#& Time” ebook.

There are message delivery platforms, and then there’s Aampe.

Founded by 3 seasoned data scientists, Aampe goes way beyond the standard “personalization” tools offered by most message delivery platforms (🙄) and offers your users a truly individually-tailored experience fueled by their own direct interactions with your app.

Aampe users see results like:

💳 330% boost in conversions

📈 80% more engagement from previously inactive users

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ 1,100% Increase in user app sessions

🚪 50% lower uninstall/unsubscribe rate

…all without spending their precious time and energy building user journeys, segmenting users and bogging down their own engineering, CRM, and data scientist teams. 👍

  • eBook Design

  • Visual Mockups


Design and layout the Aampe “It’s About D@#& Time” ebook.

Working with Aampe was a pleasure. Paul, Schaun, Jim and Kate really impressed me with their kindness, professionalism and dedication to experimentation and the scientific method.

If you’re developing an APP and need help with message frequency and personalization driven by AI insights then you really should be taking a look at Aampe.

  • eBook Design

  • Visual Mockups

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